About Hal

Hal Butchart is running for your “full time activist Mayor” of Killeen. Business, industry and good jobs are what make Killeen thrive. My only job is restoring faith in your city government so voter turn out will be greater then 1%.

Hal was a professional soldier until March 2007. He is a veteran of the Iraq war, after more then thirty years of world wide enlisted and commissioned service. . He was first assigned to Fort Hood in 1993 and has served and has lived in Killeen intermittently ever since.

Hal holds a bachelors Degree in Biology and Chemistry, a Masters in Police Science Administration with a specialty in Forensic Science. Currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Habitat for Humanity, Life Member of Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign War, Volunteer at the VA- Temple (Customer Service)

His duties as a Civil Affairs Officer in Africa and Iraq, have reaffirmed his commitment for the need to individual participation in the local political process. He understands how civil government should work; and when it is not working, as in the present city government of Killeen. Hal wants to help you make Killeen a city that “works“. Hal has no business interests but just wants to restore faith in your government. Iraq Two2 001

Hal asks for your vote to help move Killeen in a whole new direction and toward a more diversified and secure economic future with good jobs. He will only serve in the best interest of his constituents, not politicians. He is the candidate of hope and change. His only job will be to serve you.